We are purchasing and selling following raw materials and products or production waste:

  • Flakes made from PET or PP coloured or transparent
  • Regranulate from PP, LDPE, HDPE in black, nature, coloured and several other colours, mainly for injection moulding
  • Production waste from all polymers as sprue, injection moulding waste, foil, chad etc., but not reinforced and only as homo polymer
  • Chopped fibre glass for reinforcement of plastics (only prime material)

The below shown pictures give a short overview of our products from and for the plastic industry. We will be happy to receive also your individual requests and needs.

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HDPE Regranulat
HDPE regranulate
PET-Folie, transparent
PET foil, transparent
Polypropylen, schwarz
polypropylene, black
polypropylene, injection moulding waste
PP-Regranulat, blau
pp regranulate, blue
felt and fleece