Especially from the textile production we buy and offer the following raw material and fabrics. For individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us as well.

Natural fibres:

  • Natural fibres in primary or secondary form
  • As example cotton, jute, kapok, sisal a.s.o.

Production waste:

  • Production waste from the confection industry
  • Production waste from the manufacturing of fabrics and as well from spinning mills like: yarns, fibres from cotton or synthetics

Synthetic waste:

  • Fibres/polymers in homogeny form
  • Fibre glass waste (starched and unstarched)

The below shown pictures are given a short overview of our products from and for the textile industry. We will be happy to receive also your individual requests and needs.

To enlarge the pictures please click on the one you select.

Cotton waste
Baumwollfäden, rohweiß
Cotton thread waste, natural white
Baumwollschlichtfäden, rohweiß
Cotton thread waste, starched, natural white
Cotton carding waste
Cotton combers
Baumwollstaub, bunt
Cotton dust, colored
Wool fabric clippings
Wool blanket waste
Viskosefädenabfälle, bunt
Viscose thread waste, colored
Viskosegarnabfälle, bunt
Viscose yarn waste, colored
Schlauchabfälle PET mit PU
Hose waste PET with PU
Polyestergewebeabfälle, weiß
Polyester fabric waste, white
Polyesterfädenabfälle, weiß
Polyester thread waste, white
Car seat belt waste
Felt and fleece
Polyestervlies, weiß
Polyester felt, white