Following a short list of products, which we have continuous in our program:

Chemical additives and base products for the processing of rubber:

  • Rubber boards and sole plates, form soles for the shoe industry (to improve the adhesive bond, plasticity, viscosity and the vulcanisation property)
  • Technical injection and form articles
  • Belt industry

Plastic section:

  • Regranulate made from PP, LDPE, HDPE in black, nature, coloured and several colours mainly for injection moulding
  • Production waste from several polymers as sprue, injection moulding waste, foil, chad etc., but not reinforced and only as homo polymer
  • Flakes from PET or PP, coloured or transparent

Synthetic fibres:

  • Production waste of all polymers in homogeny form
  • Fibre glass waste (starched and unstarched)
  • Chopped fibre glass for reinforcement of plastics in primary quality

Textile section:

  • Natural fibres in primary and secondary form made from: cotton, jute, kapok, sisal and more
  • Production waste from the confection industry as example production of jeans, t-shirts, wool clothes
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  • Production waste from the manufacturing of fabrics and from spinning mills: yarn, fibres made from cotton, wool or synthetics

The textile section has huge different items, which are changing at all times. The above mentioned items are just generic names.

Paper section:

  • Production waste (also difficult combinations), which remains while the paper production
  • Rolls (with our without coating or lamination)

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